Driving vision test setup

You must use a webcam for this test

Initially close your right eye;* later in the test open both eyes.

If you use eye glasses for reading, put them on.**

Darken your room (complete darkness is not required).

Avoid lights shining directly on the screen or in your eyes.

Sit 40 cm from screen, face-on.

Alter your seat or screen height, or tilt screen for comfortable seating.

Sounds will guide you; turn on volume or use speakers to hear.

*If you prefer, cover the other eye with your hand, a tissue over the lens in your eye glasses, or an eye patch.

**If you have eye glasses (or contact lenses) for all activities, use these. If you have eye glasses specifically for near activities (e.g. reading, computer work), use these.
Some people have stronger eye glasses for reading than computer use; if so, we recommend using reading eye glasses, rather than computer eye glasses.
This is because this test is performed at a closer working distance than standard computer use, similar to reading distance.